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Insights to my Insight 


“Alan has a deep passion and admirable knowledge for astrology that was evident from the moment he began. The session contained heart, empathy, understanding and focus, and is clearly communicated through his calm and approachable energy. I was amazed at how accurate his reading was. He provides valuable insight on who you are as a person, addressing strengths and weaknesses, that can help a person move forward through life’s most challenging situations in a more positive and effective way. Through my experience with Alan, I was not only able to see how others may perceive me, but I was able to see myself; I find that to be the most valuable and rewarding lesson from this experience. Highly recommended!”

Adam G.

Tracy B.

“I've never had a birth chart reading done before and my session with Alan was wonderful. It surprised me how in-depth it got, and Alan did a great job explaining the meaning behind all the aspects and placements of everything. He told me things about myself that I knew, and things that I didn't know, and things that I didn't even know that I didn't know! It's obvious that he really loves reading charts and helping others get a deeper understanding of these abstract concepts and how they have a very real impact on their life. Let him take a look at your chart. Your self-understanding will be enlightened!”

Shandra M.

“Alan was incredibly insightful and gave me very valuable information during my reading. It was significant and deeply meaningful, further bolstered by Alan’s sweet and calm demeanor. I walked away feeling lifted and enlightened. I highly recommend a reading by Alan!"

Samantha D.

"If you are looking for a deep perspective on how to proceed forward with your life and what changes could greatly benefit you, Alan is the person to speak to. The advice and information that Alan provided during our reading has helped me to navigate my path and to really look deeply into my own life events, actions, and perspectives. Alan is extremely intuitive, empathetic, and crystal clear with his readings. I felt completely seen and guided during our reading and would recommend him to anyone seeking guidance." 

Valarie B.

"My reading with Alan was insightful and inspiring. His overview was spot on and it was incredibly therapeutic to feel so understood. He translated my chart into practical terms which I can act on to improve my daily life. This reading was a missing piece of a puzzle I had been searching for."

Lenora S.

"Had an amazing reading from Alan.. I’m a novice to these things so I didn’t know what to expect. Alan explained my chart and broke it down into detail. It’s funny you don’t realize things about yourself and then it’s confirmed in writing.. I went away with a better understanding of myself and insight in what my future could hold. I would definitely recommend Alan for your future readings."

Geneva M.

"Thank you so much Alan for the taking the time to break down my natal chart as well as aspects in my chart coming up in the next 6 months. 

It was so accurate and explained so much to me about who I am, and what tools/abilities I came here with and what to do with them. I've had my natal chart read before but yours had a level of love, excitement and encouragement in it I haven't experienced. I believe you see aspects of the chart intuitively that other chart readers can not see. There is another layer to how you see charts. That offers a deeper understanding of the person you are reading. If you are someone who has had your chart read before still have your chart read by Alan! It's on another level!!!"

Ashton R.

"Alan’s reading was, simply put, wonderful. I am left with valuable new insights about myself, clarification on false beliefs I had about my chart and astrology overall, and a much lighter heart. It’s almost as if I had one of the best therapy sessions of my life. I have a much better grasp on what makes me me and how to improve my quality of life because of it.


Alan’s dedication to understanding the cosmos is clear: his passion for what he does and determination to helps others shines through. He truly came from a place of compassion, explaining my natal chart and what it said about me in a way that was loving, sincere, and truly honest. He was very patient and receptive to all kinds of questions and was transparent about when he didn’t know something yet instead of lying or pretending which I deeply respect. 


I will definitely be consulting Alan in the future, whether it be for clarification on my chart, an upcoming transit, or if I have a question about astrology overall. I am already looking forward to what he will have to say." 

Frieda B.

"Wow, what a wonderful experience; from someone with a true passion and gift for imparting this wonderful knowledge. To recognize myself in the language of the stars was such a moving experience and to get such comfort and encouragement from it is priceless. Thank you!"

Lauren C.

"I cannot recommend working with Alan highly enough! As someone who has only recently started dipping into the waters of Astrology, his knowledge, intention, and spirit were such a gift to me. Our session felt like being seen for who I truly was, and helping ME see with greater clarity. His expertise was delivered with such thoughtfulness; he moved from a space of positivity, kindness, and knowing that helped empower me to meet all parts of myself with that same kindness. To put a comedic (but true) simile to it: it felt like a group therapy session for the many voices inside me, helping them come into better harmony. A week later I am still parsing through parts of our session, and finding his "homework" to be life-changing. Alan has a gift, and I will forever be thankful he shared that gift with me."

Cosmic Background_edited.jpg

Samantha B.

"Alan has such a gift for astrology. I schedules a birth chart reading and he’s truly such an empathetic reader that makes you as comfortable as physically possible.  I, personally, didn’t know much when it came to astrology and Alan broke everything down for me, explained what everything meant, and read my birth chart in great depth and made the it’s connections to my personal life. It was also incredibly helpful that Alan sent me a recording of our reading that I could watch back for reference. Honestly, it was such a lovely, surreal experience and I would absolutely love to work with Alan again." 

Will F.

"I had just recently learned about Natal Birth Chart readings and knew instantly that I wanted to have one done! I love Astrology and learning more about not only myself but about other people. I loved Alan’s approach and his soft nature. He explained everything very well and with such compassion. I felt heard and seen throughout the entire reading. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the reading and just how in depth it went! It honestly felt like a therapy session. He gave me the opportunity to open up and I felt safe to do so which takes a lot for me. If you have ever had a thought to have a reading done, schedule a reading with Alan. I promise that you won’t be disappointed."

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