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Birth chart Reading


Astrology Birth Chart

Birth Chart Reading

60Min. /   $111

    This is a 60 Min. session with me via Zoom video or audio, where I will go over your Natal Birth Chart in detail. This is a recorded session that I will email you using Wetransfer. You will have one week from the time of the session to download your recording. You will also be emailed a copy of your birth chart.   

     What is a Natal Birth Chart? It's the snapshot of the cosmos the moment you took your first breath generated by the time, date, and place of your birth. It is essentially the Cosmic blueprint of your personality. Just as gravity, the elements, and phases of the moon effect our internal and external world; so do the other planetary bodies in our solar system. Astrology Chart Reading is a perfect tool that can help translate these universal energies as guidance for understanding your character, how you communicate, the nature of your relationships, finding your purpose, reveling your life lessons, and so much more.

     We all know our Sun sign. But, have you ever felt like there was more to  it  than that? Or, wonder why people get a little edgy and hypersensitive during a full moon? Well, my curious minds, you are on to something. We are more than just our sun sign or some small excerpt from a magazine's horoscope column. In fact, we are a little of all the Zodiac archetypes govern by astrological and planetary energies that give us our personality. That's what this Chart Reading can reveal for you. It is a wonderful way to help you fall in love with your fate and appreciate what makes you... YOU.  So, Book now and take a deep dive into your spirit, purpose, and energy to see what the cosmos has in store for you and unlock your hidden potential.  

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