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Understanding the Planets

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Brief description of Planetary characteristics


We know that planets in astrology brings a different energy and influence into our lives.

  • Sun - Sense of Self, ego

  • Moon - Emotional Self, feelings

  • Mercury - Communication, how you express yourself

  • Venus - Love, relationships

  • Mars - Activity, courage, how we assert ourselves and get motivated

  • Jupiter - Luck, generosity, opportunity

  • Saturn - Discipline, ambition and commitment

  • Uranus - Innovation, rebellion, change

  • Neptune - Mysticism, intuition, imagination and healing

  • Pluto - Power and transformation

Planet placement in your natal chart is very important when it comes to revealing your personality! Where your planets are placed will determine the influence on that house and or/sign.

For example, if Mercury, the planet ruling communication, was in Leo at your time and place of birth, then the way you express yourself is likely to be creative, fiery, and enthusiastic — characteristics attributed to Leo.

If you have Venus in Cancer, you will likely be more affectionate and concerned about your partner displaying rock solid loyalty. If you have adaptable Gemini there, you may be a natural flirt who wants to test the waters.

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Jupiter in Taurus will be helpful when it comes to material wealth - the largest planet is about expansion, luck and optimism, and Taurus is the stable, sensible Earth sign attuned to personal and financial stability.

Getting insight into your houses and planets can further your understanding of your unique chart and how you can harness the power of your zodiac signs!

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